Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

day trip 98

I rose at 3:45 a.m. My plane to Austin took off at 6:15 a.m. When I arrived in Austin,
the dark skies told of very recent rain. Though I mildly prefer to travel to downtown Austin via the Metro Flyer airport bus, I elected to take a cab to minimize umbrella-less walking in possible rain. My cab driver silently drove, giving the trip downtown a mildly meditative feel.

I had a meeting downtown and a meeting a few minutes from downtown. The meetings took up my entire day. I am glad that I withdrew from the Georgia chess tournament as I would not have been able to catch a flight to get there tonight. But I was able to catch a flight to Dallas, helped by a kind colleague who lent me space under her umbrella on my way to the car. I had not even thought of the possibility of rain, but I was glad my colleagues had thought of it.

I felt about 98% of my usual self. Perhaps 1% of the discount was the early rising.
The other 1% was a twinge of slight dizzy feelings I felt in short, isolated bursts.

A cheerful young fellow next to me on the plane home lent me today's USA Today newspaper to read. I split the short flight between reading the paper and getting a nap. I made it home on time at a late hour, got a sandwich on the way home, and said
a fond hello to my wife to cap a productive day away.

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