Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

learning and travelling

The week thus far keeps me busy. Tuesday afternoon I saw my primary care physician. I like him a lot--he has been my physician for more than a decade. He gave me a referral to a specialist and helpful information. His nurse will remove my stitches on Monday morning.

Later Tuesday I flew to Los Angeles for a Wednesday business matter. I found myself turning in by nine p.m. after a spirited sandwich. Late afternoon Wednesday I caught a plane home. I arrived at 8 p.m. I made it near home a bit after nine. I stopped for a sandwich. Though I had my sandwich by 9:20 p.m., the clerk at Subway expressed discomfort that I was going to eat in, because "we are closing soon". I know their closing time was 10 p.m. I chose to go there for that reason. But I cheerfully told her I would "get out of her way" and headed home. I chalk it up to her desire to clean up her noble workplace early and leave at 10 p.m. on the dot. But I will pretend that I had a vaguely Lon Chaney look with my business suit and forehead stitches.

As I arrived home, my wife and her father arrived home from their own dinner. Her father, in his 80s, remains an active businessman in Kansas. He came to our area as part of a business trip to Temple, Texas. I was glad to get a chance to see him,
even if his "you look great!" had a tone of voice a tad similar to "you look like hell!". Being 80+ gives one a certain emperor's new clothes immunity.

This morning I said goodbye to wife and in-law and headed to work. They headed to
downtown Dallas to go to art museums. At lunch, I walked in the park and watched bluebirds.



Then I drove by another part of the park and watched scissor-tailed flycatchers.


Rains fell after lunch. In the afternoon, I worked steadily, and got a lot done. Still, though, taking stock of where I am at work and at home, I decided to cancel my Georgia chess weekend. I hate to cancel after telling a friend I planned to go, but I am more than a bit busy and more than a bit tired. A nice fellow from the Georgia chess federation wrote me that they will refund my registration fee. I will plan to go to another Georgia tournament someday. I will choose a one-day event when I do, because I'd like to bird watch on the second day.

This evening I walked in the park again, among bluebirds and house finches.



Tomorrow I must catch a dawn flight for a day of meetings. I do not look forward to such early rising. The hardest part of my day will be getting to my plane on time.
But I sit now watching the Roosevelt documentary on PBS after eating a very nice chicken dinner my wife made and I feel pretty good.

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