Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

buffalo lake

We started our day at Buffalo Lake National Wildlife Reserve near Canyon.This shortgrass prairie park is a lovely place of colorful fields and canyon ravines. Once a lake existed here, but the lake was emptied and now it's just a huge field of wonder.


buffalo lakes nwr vista



We were a bit disappointed that the prairie dogs in the prairie dog town were heard but not seen. We did see some lovely American kestrels. We also saw our first
lark buntings,a bird rare where we live but which is the state bird of Colorado.

We spent the early afternoon at the Amarillo Botanical Garden. This small garden knew how to plant for butterflies.


The garden had a very nice indoor tropical garden as well.

We spent our late afternoon at Wildcat Bluff Nature Preserve, where we hiked
on the plains.




I like these kind of nature preserve,like the Heard where we live or Bear Creek Nature Preserve in Colorado Springs.

We finished our day at Cadillac Ranch, the art piece of ten buried Cadillacs. It is a stock tourist attraction, but it really was fun to go see. I like that painting the Cadillacs is encouraged.


We must shorten our week-long vacation into a three day weekend due to a funeral this coming week. But we had such a rich experience that we will not feel any sense of loss.

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