Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

My other barbecue pit is a smoker

I notice sometimes that when I just rack up the various pool balls of my life into triangles, and then merely whack the cue ball into the triangles, it doesn't really take that long to pocket a lot of balls. This makes me wish I spent less time worrying about how many balls are on the table, and spent more time putting them in the triangle.

Today on the way to work I was thinking about those little barbecue rings they have in public parks nowadays. They're usually little brick or metal "built-in grills", with a cast iron grill face on top. The problem is that nowadays most folks prefer to bring their own portable barbecue cookers, which are usually easier to light and easier to use for cooking. Why can't parks be built with little inset spaces for these portable cookers? I sense a metaphor there someplace--the system seems all set up for things nobody really does anymore.

The mail brought a really impressive bit of mail art from heymaggie. Cool!
Now if I can just get a few more of my projects off the ground, and out the door--such as that butterfly mail art call response. Today I'm thinking of a website for my poems--a really cool website, not the primitive website I use for LJ and such, but a pix and poems and a cool counter and a guest list page. This surely would be cheaper than printing up booklets, and shouldn't bad poetry be free anyway?

The folks at meanwhile determined that their new Vault Gold membership would
include the right to view message board postings over 60 days old. Now this is a curious thing--if I posted something over 60 days ago on their message board, I would have to pay them to see it again. I'm all for revenue models, and all against the odd belief that the 'net should be free. But now my words have a price--for somebody else :). Odd!

I am still not inclined to start a nanowrimo journal, but let me say that the folks out there who have them impress me no end. I spend my life perpetually impressed, in fact, and what could be better than that?
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