Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

a common sunflower's day of rest from labors

I started my Labor Day with my friend Beatrice. During our established walk on our regular walking path, from our house around the pond in Glendover Park and back again, she saw an older large German police dog mix. She said hello to the dog, and then, as is her wont, went to the dog's owner to be petted. Beatrice finds in any dog the opportunity to seek affection from the dog's owner.

I got my desktop computer updated at last after Fedora crashed yesterday's effort. I am glad because I did not want to switch distros, but dislike imperfect updates.

I settled in to do some family paperwork, which occupied me until 11:30 a.m. Then my wife asked me to drive into Dallas. My father's widow's daughter has had intensified health issues lately. She expressed to my wife a desire to have a particular kind of
salted caramel cookie. This cookie's savory flavor apparently pierces even a bit of loss of the sense of taste. This confection is manufactured by a local concern, and sold at a select group of markets. One of these markets, I was informed, was Jimmy's Food Store.

Jimmy's Food Store proved to be a small home-made-pasta-centric establishment in an older storefront, filled with a very loyal and perhaps vaguely hipster clientele'. Apparently, Labor Day brings out the urge for pasta in those who know. I wandered the shelves past tortellini, wines and biscotti until a helpful sales attendant pointed me to the cookies. My wife packaged the cookies this evening, and I will get them shipped on tomorrow.

A workman came and installed knobs and rods of this type and that, as the contruction project edges towards completion at last.

After I dined on a sandwich at WhichWhich, I took a walk in Limestone Quarry Park in Frisco. I had the park largely to myself, though it is a very small park with a nice little hiking path so that the experience was not like being king of all I surveyed.

common sunflower, september 1 2014

I settled in to watch a marathon showing of the Jennifer Ehle/Colin Firth teleplay of "Pride and Prejudice", which I enjoyed (once again) very much) I then went to Tian An Mian Wok for chicken with broccoli. I finished my day with a short walk at Allen Station Park in the dusk. I will do a bit more family paperwork, and then rest for the work week.

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