Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

young coop

During our walk this morning, Beatrice and I saw a great egret. My wife and I went to Suncreek UMC for church. We wanted to hear Reverend Becky Walker speak. I had read that she emphasized social justice and inclusiveness. Her sermon fit with that report, as she tackled the recent events in Missouri in which an unarmed teen was killed by a policeman. I found her sermon reasonably sensitive and effective, as she set out the issue and then tried to bring a way to look at it all to us all.

At Weight Watchers, I found I had gained this week exactly what I lost last week. I am not unhappy. I then went to get a sandwich and to Shawnee Park in Plano. I like to walk on very hot Summer days, as the parks are more deserted then. I saw this lovely
immature Cooper's hawk in a tree.


At home, I researched places to visit during our vacation in some weeks. I am looking forward to that vacation, which will be in the Texas panhandle.

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