Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Pondering the imponderables

Listening to Rebecca Pidgeon's Four Marys album today, which is a glittering bit of folk music. During the breaks from my busy work schedule, this gets me pondering. Why would a talented folk artist become nearly entirely an actress in light of her marriage to the playwright and director David Mamet? If I had a gift, and then married someone with a gift in a different field, I cannot imagine switching fields accordingly. I wonder, purely rhetorically, if gender politics play a role in this type of thing? I cannot imagine Meryl Streep's husband, the artist Don Gummer, trying to play the Kevin Bacon role in The River Wild, not that I know anything about Mr. Gummer or his thespian skills.

Then, having created this entire analytical matrix out of the most threadbare cloth, I move on to other matters of state. Why is Rebecca Pidgeon so good in the Winslow Boy and so mediocre in every other movie? What kind of folk musician is David Mamet? Most importantly of all, is it really restful to engage in chance criticism of other peoples' lives, when my list of things to do is still unfinished?

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