Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

bBoyhood and Iravat

I took Beatrice for a morning walk on Saturday. She had a mildly troubling propensity to search for manna pieces in Glendover Park that God intended for geese.

Then I hopped on my bicycle and rode Watters Creek Trail. As I rode slowly on my broad-tired 7-gear, festooned in a tasteful but decorative Hawaiian shirt and painters' pants khakis, I heard a voice behind me. "On your right", she said, calmly with a kind of friendly crisp professionalism, and then "you're fine" when I over-swiftly-veered to the far right of the bicycle path. "There are three of us", she said, as she began to pass. Three aerodynamically-clad young women rode by me with a crisp competence I found impressive. "Thank you",the second rider said, with a calm but cheerful tone. The third rider brought up the rear in sedate silence. During my ride, I watched a red-bellied woodpecker sauntering up a tree.

My wife and I headed to the Plano Angelika movie theater for the 10 a.m. showing of Richard Linklater's film "Boyhood". This is the movie that tells a coming-of-age story filmed over ten years, so that the characters are age-appropriate in each scene. We loved the movie. I also loved that it was shot in the Texas hill country, in Austin, in Houston,in San Marcos and in the Big Bend country of Texas. Too many movies feature Los Angeles County filling in for places like Texas.

We dined at Halfshells, where I had grilled trout and grilled vegetables. Then we headed home. My wife went shopping for a thing or two for the house. I rested for a bit and then went to Allen Station Park to take a walk. I listened to a Slate magazine podcast remembering the late Robin Williams. I took photos of a large rabbit and a couple of active mockingbirds. A storm arose just after I left the park, bringing welcome rain.

Saturday night we went to Iravat Indian Bistro in Plano. I had researched the menu items that fit with my Weight Watchers regime, and had a nice meal of a samosa,
chicken tikka, a salad and a bit of naan. I thought about the era in my twenties when my friend Gene and I met each Sunday mid-day and ate an Indian buffet and caught up on things.

This morning the rain intensified. Beatrice barked a bit. Now it is a nice calm rainstorm.

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