Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

meeting 24 years later

I first began using an accountant about 24 years ago. He came highly recommended by a friend with whom I worked. Because I knew who he was, I did not do an in-person interview prior to hiring him. We have spoken many times over the years. My wife has met him before. But he and I never met--until today. I was glad to have a face to put to a long-familiar voice. He's a good guy, but I knew that by phone. I've always been fine with virtual relationships,even before they were hip.

I listened to Radio New Zealand on my way home from work. The nine to noon radio host discussed the recent census there. The population was 4.5 million people, a lot of people, but a fraction of the population in Texas. A candidate for the Greens party filed a formal complaint because an investigative journalist released a book about alleged wrongdoing by the National Party. The weather was "fine".

I looked to see if any CDMA phones use FirefoxOS or its open source cousin Boot2Gecko. I could not find one, though it is possible that with research I could figure out a way to flash one or the other onto a CDMA phone. Perhaps when Ubuntu One is released, it will work on Verizon phones.

My goals for the morrow include keeping Beatrice entertained.

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