Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

lark sparrow Sunday

After a sumptuous Saturday night dinner of manicotti, eggplant parmesan, stuffed figs, slices of appetizer pizza and dessert, I decided to devote Sunday morning to a heavy exercise regime. I started at Towne Lake Park. The early hours featured views of lots of hot air balloons.

balloon over towne lake park august 3, 2014

I liked the contemplative-seeming great blue heron.

great blue heron, towne lake park august 3 2014

I decided to drive up to South Lake Park in Farmersville, one of my most reliable spots to hunt the painted bunting. I did not see painted did see a flock of lark sparrows in the grass.

lark sparrow, south lake park, farmersville texas 8 3 2014

I also stopped by Sister Grove Park, where I wandered in the open (the woods were a bit soggy) and listened to a podcast.

I felt some trepidation about my Weight Watchers meeting, though long experience teaches me neither to dread any particular week nor to exult in any weekly result. The
whole thing mainly works out in the long run. I rarely exceed my daily points total, but Saturday I had done so. I was pleased, though, that I had lost 2 pounds despite an Italian feast on Saturday and a low country boil on Friday night. The leader explained to the group that I had lost 80 pounds since I first began Weight Watchers. The statistic more pertinent to me is that I have lost 37 pounds since resuming Weight Watchers in June of 2013. The key now is to stay with the program.

After the meeting I wentto a Subway on Parker which sold me a good sandwich. As I ate, I read a good weblog post by a photographer who described a trip to Cumberland Island in Georgia. I received a tweet from a talented video-maker and film professor I know through the internet, who advised me she is using my music in a new project. I then drove to Bethany Lakes Park for a brief walk. I liked this green heron I saw there:

green heron bethany lakes park, allen texas august 3 2014

I came home and rested a bit. I am still a bit weary, after all the exercise. But I am doing my laundry, and will soon sort out some payments I need to make. Hercule Poiro is playing on the television.

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