Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

better weather and things getting done

We moved home tonight after two nights at La Quinta. Our local La Quinta turned out to be very dog-friendly. Tonight we are home because the flooring in our bathrooms has set. The living room is filled with flooring to go on next week on the main areas. Then more floor covering will go other places. Then we can unbox.

I got a call today that my car is ready at last. I can pick it up tomorrow late morning. I am ready to say goodbye to my rental Chrysler 200. I will give it a trip to the car wash to thank it for its dependable driveability. I am eager to see if the dents are all out.

Today was sprinkly and warm instead of hot--Autumn weather for us rather than August weather. This is great. I saw this bird at Breckinridge Park. I think it's a juvenile cliff sparrow, but it might be a juvenile barn swallow:

juvenile cliff swallow breckinridge park

Rainy days bring the swallows out in appealing droves.

We had a grand dinner tonight with my wife's co-worker Sara. She's an articulate engineer a couple of decades our junior, with good stories. We ate at Fishmonger's, where I had a great Cajun fish boil.

I listened to a great interview with Kristen Hersh on Radio New Zealand. She saw the end of the music industry as we knew it sooner than some other artists. I liked hearing her perspectives.

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