Robert (gurdonark) wrote,


The flooring process in our home progresses. Tile covers some floors. More flooring remains to be floored. Today a half-inch of rain fell, turning the temperature from sizzling hot to merely very warm. The weatherwoman predicted more rain tonight. We ate chicken with broccoli at Tian An Mien Wok tonight. It is cheap and cheerful. I took Beatrice for a walk in Allen Station Park. She loves it. Lately I see hummingbirds everywhere. This is a bit unusual here, where few over-Summer and most merely migrate through. I enjoy seeing them. I spent a pleasant time tonight on the phone with my sister. She's a good egg, with a creative streak. I listened to a linux podcast in which the host talked about how he now uses a Mac. He made some good points. Every church has its heretics. Fortunately, most of us no longer burn them at the stake. Some of our tiles look like boards.

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