Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Red Dog

Tomorrow the flooring process begins. The construction guys brought the tile in today.
This process should take several days. Beatrice heads to daycare tomorrow. My wife saw the hummingbird early this eveing on the blooming hibiscus. The bluebirds in the park look like they are molting. I must arrange a Saturday to meet my friend Gene halfway between his home in northwest Arkansas and mine in north Texas. The mid-way point is Frinks, Oklahoma. Perhaps I'll suggest Robbers Cave State Park in Wilburton. My mother took the kids and met her brothers family there when I was about 12. I read a journal post from 2002 I made about how I attended baseball camp when I was 11 or 12.My memory of the camp, in Chandler, Oklahoma, contained both good things and bad. I found a newspaper article from 1985 by a fellow about my age, and all his memories were good.
I liked that the coach's name was Red Dog. I wonder what became of Red Dog.

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