Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

giant swallowtail

I took Beatrice for her walk at 7:00 a.m. The sky proved overcast. The temperature hovered in the 60s F. (15-17 C.), unseasonably cool for July in north Texas. We saw rabbits--I saw four, but Beatrice only saw two. Two rabbit sightings satisified her, though, particularly after she induced one to flee by taking a step in its direction.

I went to Russell Creek Park and walked around the pond. I saw a fledgling purple martin on the ground. I wanted to show it how to fly or pick it up, but I knew that martins learn to fly or not fly on their own. When I last saw it, it inched itself toward a tree.

I got chicken with broccoli at Tian An Mien Wok and headed south towards Richardson.
I stopped in Plano to say hi to my brother, his wife and my nephew at their new retail store. Then I stopped at the Park at Renner Road and walked. I saw a giant swallowtail: The giant swallowtail species qualifies as the largest species of butterfly in the United States. I rarely get too pictures of them because they rarely stay still. The cool, overcast weather held this one frozen, as if posing.


I also saw a female cardinal and a red-shouldered hawk.



The folks at Service King in Dallas had a couple of things I had left in my car. I drove to Berkner Park in Richardson and saw fledgling flycatchers and a bird who got the worm.



Then I drove to Richardson and shopped for some storage at Fry's. I need to get better about backing things up twice not once. I listened to a tech news podcast about the NSA's most recent invasion of citizens' rights.

When I arrived home, I uploaded some images to flickr, but flickr's editing function was down. So I listened to the podcast interview from last night. It sounded fine,though sometimes I was a little less communicative than usual, due to some lag issues resulting in a delayed-voice effect in my headphones.

Here's the link to the show:

My wife arrived home from a day of shopping and lunch with a work friend. Then we went together to dinner at Market Street, where she had a salad and I had turkey and vegetables. We decided to take in a movie, and watched and enjoyed the music
movie "Begin Again". Now we are enjoying the last cool evening before the warmth returns tomorrow.

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