Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

ryno night

Today the temperature stayed in the 70s. Last night was a record July 17 low. Today was a record low high temperature. It's been like being in Canada in Texas. Tonight I
was the guest on the Ryno the Bearded podcast, a show devoted to Creative Commons music. I had to stop by the Fry's on my way home to pick up a headset with a microphone, as my usual headsets were all packed away. The new headset cost 8 dollars, and worked like a charm. The podcast got delayed by technical difficulties, but then it all turned into a fun show. I always finish speaking freely and worry if I spoke too incautiously, but I think it was okay. Ryno is a good guy--his podcast is much more polished than the last time I was on.

After the interview, I took Beatrice for a walk at 8 p.m. A raptor flew out of tree and into another tree. I could not tell if it was a Cooper hawk or perhaps an owl.
Beatrice said hello to the Yorkie owner before saying hello to the Yorkie.

This weekend I want to get some paperwork done, get lots of exercise in, and perhaps make a little music. Tomorrow it is predicted to be quite cool again, and I plan to go to a park with good sidewalks and walk and bird. Maybe I'll ride the train to the park, but we'll see.

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