Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

chivvying crows in uniform

First thing each morning I drive Beatrice to Pappy's Pet Lodge. She stands in my lap and looks out the window. This morning when we pulled up, a crow stood by a crape myrtle tree. Two northern mockingbirds and one western kingbird expressed their dislike of a stationary small crow standing by a small crape myrtle tree. Unperturbed, the crow just stood there, and then flew up on a wall by the tree. The songbirds still sought to fend it off as the crow just stood there. I hope they chased the crow away. A crow in flight is easier for them to harass than a determined, stationary crow.

This afternoon I visited the uniform store my brother's family acquired. My nephew is going to run the store. The store looked great. I liked seeing the police, fire, and medical professional uniforms. I like the kind of retail that caters directly to a need like that. I hope the store prospers.

Tonight we watched a Hallmark movie about Sissy Spacek taking in a 12 year old girl and the way they saved each other.

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