Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

baseball and kabini

I woke up by 6:30 a.m. Beatrice barked for me to take her for a walk. We enjoyed the cool July morning. Early birds were out, presumably hoping to get the worm.


At 7:30 a.m., the movie "Moneyball" came on television. I had wanted to see that for years. Though it is a sports movie, its theme of using reason and analysis to think about problems differently resonates beyond its subject matter.

When the movie ended, I drove to Suncreek United Methodist Church. The Revered Milton Gutierrez, the associate pastor gave the sermon. I had heard him before, and find him a really effective social justice and compassion oriented speaker. He spoke of the passage in Matthew about sorting out the sheep from the goats. As the human condition has a redolence of goat, I am usually less intrigued when this passage is used as a launchpad for a lecture on reward v. punishment. Pastor Gutierrez focused instead upon theme "when you have done this to the least, you have done (or not done) it to Me". I liked his sermon very much.

Yesterday when my friend and I were at lunch, a man with an over-booming voice at the booth next to us said something we could not help but hear. "Not much of the Bible sticks with me", he said, "but the parts that do are about "love God and love your neighbor". Unlike a sermon, he then launched into sharing his experience as a leader in the Marines with all and sundry, departing from the theological theme (though there may be some parable quality to his tale of the card-carrying KKK member who told the speaker, an African-American, that he'd follow him into battle). But I liked his bit of theological discourse.

After church, I stopped by little Green Park and took a walk among mockingbirds.


Then I went to Weight Watchers. I worried I'd gained weight this week, but I was down .8 pounds. My Chinese buffet did not betray me after all.

I lunched at Whichwhich. They were quite busy, but I still got and finished my sandwich within 35 minutes. I listened to the World Cup final until I got to the park, but then, with the extra period just beginning, I decided I had had enough as I pulled into the park parking lot. I went to Bethany Lakes Park. The heat kept the attendance there light. I loved it. I saw this hip eastern kingbird.


I went home, where I wrote an e-mail to fellows at a podcast and also researched the AMD kabini processors. I like to acquire knowledge I may never use, just for fun.
My wife had spent the afternoon with a nice woman from her work. She called as she was driving home to say she had eaten so late that she would not want dinner. I drove to IHOP and had their Weight Watchers friendly egg substitute and whole grain pancake dish. While I was gone, our whole neighorhood had a power outage. The power was back on within a couple of hours, coming on after I returned. We settled in to watch an old episode of "Modern Family" and are now finishing a Harry Potter movie for the umpteenth thousandth viewing.

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