Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

july bunting and food truck fun

I got up early on Saturday morning and took Beatrice for a walk. At nine a.m., I arrived at the Heard Natural Science Museum. I wanted to take a nice walk. I headed to the Bluestem Trail.


During the first part of my walk, I saw this indigo bunting on a tall dead tree. At first I confused him with a bluebird:


I had a really nice walk on the Bluestem, Wood Duck and Hoot Owl trails.


I like the 250-year-old burr oak:


I also like the ephemeral Summer vegetation on the trails.


The sound of birdsong in the woods made for nice interludes..


My wife and I went to lunch at Bill Smith's Cafe in McKinney.This is one of those old-fashioned breakfast places with vintage signs on the walls and the most fluffy pancakes I have ever eaten. The service was down-home and impeccable.

In the afternoon, I rested,watching a soccer World Cup game between the Netherlands and Costa Rica. I probably should have slept instead, as I felt a little down by late afternoon.

My wife and I went to a really fun movie, though, which saved the day. Jon Favreau's "Chef" hit the spot with good stuff about family and right work. It really put me in a good mood. We went to NoSoo in Allen for late night sushi, where the food was great and the service better.

This morning I got up early and took Beatrice for a walk. I like that it gets light so early. The July heat does not come up until late morning.

I drove to Brockdale Park to walk around. During my drive, I saw a handsome greater roadrunner. During my walk, I saw bluebirds, a brown-headed cowbird and ultra-light planes.






The planes flew right over my head. I walked and watched the lake and birds. I listened to the Linux Outlaws podcast, in which the talk covered soccer, Amazon, and only a few things that involve linux. It was still a good show.

This afternoon I will go to Weight Watchers and then enjoy the end of the weekend.

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