Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Beatrice goes hiking on the 4th of July

This July 4th morning my office closed for the holiday. I got up early and took Beatrice for a walk. This American robin, also up early, sought worms by Glendover Pond:


This cottontail rabbit hoped that Beatrice did not see it, but she did:


At 8:50 a.m., two fellows showed up to do the baseboard work on our home. I had expected one guy to move a small bit of wall,so their arrival surprised me a bit. I was ungracious though not discourteous in my greeting, which I mildly regret. To their credit, they wanted to work on the 4th so that they could work without interruption from the painters. With hindsight, they need not have worked on July 4 to achieve that goal.

Soon they were running loud machinery, to Beatrice's chagrin.

My wife and I scooped Beatrice up and went to McDonald's. We all sat outside while my wife and I ate oatmeal. I find it my sad duty to report that McDonald's lacks a Canine Happy Meal.

We took Beatrice to Allen's Celebration Park. She enjoyed a long walk on its open fields and shady trees. We saw these two western kingbirds in one of the trees:


We stopped back by our house. We saw clearly that we would be in the way, as the workers' were ably installing baseboards in our bedroom. I volunteered to take Beatrice for the afternoon, so that my wife could be free to run errands.

Beatrice and I went to Bethany Lakes Park. We hung out there for 90 minutes, alternating walking, giving Beatrice water, and resting. Bethany Lakes Park is one of those little suburban parks with lots of little ponds ringed by sidewalks. In the Winter, it's a haven for ducks from the northern places. But in the Summer,it's a place of swallows, martins, songbirds, herons and mallards.

We liked it there. Here are a few bits of it:




I felt that Beatrice should get a nice drive in an air-conditioned car. I set out to drive an hour north to lovely Bonham State Park. As I drove, Beatrice alternated between my lap and the chair next to me. I listened to a This Week in Tech podcast about computer hardware. I am always amazed how much people spend on things like graphics cards for gaming or high-capacity SSD drives.

This park is in that nice little north Texas forest called the Cross Timbers. It has a little lake, some old CCC buildings, and lots of trails in the little woodland.

On the way there, we saw this field of sunflowers just a mile or so from the park. I took a picture of them on the way home:


As soon as we got out of the car, Beatrice B-lined for the hiking trail. She was a great hiker:




I always wondered how Beatrice would do on a longish car drive. She did great. As with travel with a toddler, I made sure my elderly friend got lots of stops for personal relief. She let me know she needed to stop at one point and we pulled into downtown Leonard, a little town-square town I know well. I thought it might have a little Independence Day fair,but it was quiet. A northern mockingbird celebrated the holiday with us.

I drove Beatrice home, and my wife arrived simultaneously at 4:30 p.m. My wife spent the afternoon trying to locate a particular type of recessed lighting bulb. The workers were gone, having left nice new baseboards behind (it turns out a baseboard that little bit of board that lines the bottom of a wall).

Now I am watching James Cagney play George M. Cohan on TV once more, while Beatrice and my wife sleep to rest from their big day.

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