Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

kite pictorial unphotographed

I got up early this morning and took Beatrice for a walk. The air was cool, the rabbits were active, and Beatrice had a good time.


After a shower, I drove to McDonald's and ate oatmeal. Then I drove to Service King, where an insurance adjuster noted how much hail damage my car sustained. Within a very few minutes, I had my estimate. I can get Service King to do the work, which I plan to do in two weeks.

The Service King location was in that part of Dallas that is practically Garland, so I decided to drive over to Elgin B. Robertson Park, on the far end of Garland on Lake Ray Hubbard. I wanted to walk on the open fields there by the lake and fly a kite. I flew the kite, which did well in the breeze. I saw a huge number of northern rough-winged swallows and a few scissor-tailed flycatchers.

My effort to take video via a cheap camera suspended from a kite did not succeed. I will re-tool that idea for later use. I drove to lunch at Garland's China Cafe, where I had chicken with broccoli. I hoped on the George Bush tollway to head back home. I came to exit to my office in Garland, and decided to stop. I wanted to spend half an hour organizing my office. I ended up spending two hours organizing and tidying. More needs to be done, but I was pleased with the progress.

I drove up to Brockdale Park and walked near the shore of Lake Lavon. I saw lots of flowers like the firewheel:


I also saw lots of the wonderful prairie bird, the dickcissel:



as well as several of the red-winged blackbird.


After I returned home, my wie and I drove to City Taco in Plano,a Mexico City style
taqueria. Then we went to see the movie "Belle". I liked that movie very much--it aimed Merchant and Ivory rather than Lifetime Channel,which is fine by me.

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