Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

farm park and five year missions

Work today proved active,taxing and intriguing. I dined at lunch at a fish restaurant with two fine co-workers. My grilled grouper and vegetables hit the spot squarely on the bulls' eye. After work I stopped by Travis Farm Park in Murphy. I saw eastern kingbirds, a northern mockingbird, a northern cardinal, and eastern bluebirds: avian geography.



I spoke to my brother about the weekend. My wife went to get a manicure, while I picked up a sandwich and settled down to watch the Star Trek re-boot yet again. I installed a window manager called Awesome on my laptop for fun, but will take it off as I am uncertain about its configuration. I read an article about the Bulgarian chess championship and Women's International Grandmaster Iva Videnova's threepeat. I saw an ad about a big corporation laudably supporting pet adoption.

I plan a mix of productive chore-doing and fun exercise for this weekend.

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