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When I was in law school in Little Rock, a daily fixture on the morning commute was Dr. Love. Dr. Love stood on the side of the road, just off "main drag" Markham Boulevard, and would smile and wave at every passing motorist. He was an older man, whose wife, termed "Mrs. Dr. Love", sometimes joined him in his smiling and waving. As is the way with such fellows, he got little capsule features in local media. I knew a soul or two who stopped to talk to Dr. Love, who passed out materials which attested that he was some form of "certified" love-ologist and sex-ologist. Apparently, he had a healing mission for the world, which began with waving on the streets at drivers, but ended up a new form of sexual (or love-ual) revolution. I'm not sure folks in Arkansas particularly needed instruction on sexual revolution, as although my own life has been remarkably prosaic, it was always my observation that Arkansans had their revolution long before the 1960s. Nonetheless, Dr. Love was a local fixture, to whom one waved back.

As I write this, an e mail offers to make me $ 50,000 in merely 90 days. Everybody is peddling salvation, but I'm concerned that salvation, like healthy eating, doesn't come in a cost-free box. But today I'm pausing to remember all the Dr. Loves of the world, who don't save me, but despite their idiosyncracies, make my world a more livable place.

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