Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

woodruff and shawnee

I started out my morning at Bob Woodruff Park. This park features tall trees, some riparian wooded areas, and open fields.

When I first pulled up, I saw an eastern bluebird:

eastern bluebird may 25 ,2014 bob woodruff park

The wildflowers bloomed. I saw fields of false dandelion, also called "Texas dandelion":

Wildflowers, Bob Woodruff Park, 5 25 2014

I saw two eastern phoebes by the little creek.

eastern phoebe, bob woodruff park, may 25 2014

When I walked by the deeper woods, I saw a bird I previously saw only once before--the yellow-billed cuckoo. Though it stayed stationary in a tall tree (as if their wont), my skills as a photographer limited the quality of the picture I took:

yellow-billed cuckoo, bob woodruff park, may 25 2014

I saw a fledgling western kingbird teaching itself to fly in the parking lot. Then I drove to a park I rarely visit--Shawnee Park in Plano. This little pond park featured lots of blooming lotus and other flowers, and a fair number of birds. A green heron among the lilypads reminded me of post-impressionism.

green heron, Shawnee Park, Plano, TX May 25, 2014

I headed back home, listening to Neal Sperry's garden radio show. I stopped to rest for a moment at home, and next thing I knew I was too late to get ready for church. I managed to get to my afternoon Weight Watchers meeting, though, where the scale indicated that I lost some weight. I stopped by a Subway and dined on a black forest ham sandwich.

A huge thunderstorm rolled in during the late afternoon. This delighted me, as we face a drought. I went on the internet and set up museum reservations for tomorrow morning. Beatrice got into a contretemps with a grackle or starling, from which I extricated her before she hurt the bird. She rarely notices birds. I took her for a walk, which she dearly enjoyed.

My wife and I went out for pho. We picked up a battery from Lowe's on the way. One of our smoke detectors keeps reporting its battery is dead with an annoying tweet. Replacements did no good.
We wanted to get a fresh battery to see if our replacement suffered from a defect.

The pho turned out to be great. The new battery failed to solve the issue. We now watch Andy Griffith in "No Time for Sergeants", a movie that brings forth isolated chuckles even after repeated viewings.

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