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1990s and getting physical

lots of planets

I'm 7 pounds from my 'goal weight' on Weight Watchers. My pattern is to lose some weight gain some weight, lose some more, but over time to lose. I now weigh 74.4% of the amount I weighed when I first went to Weight Watchers, years ago. I still weigh 114 % of what I weighed at age 21, so it's all relative.

I thought today of a famous sexual harassment case from years ago that was in the legal news. I googled up the appellate decision on the case. A partner in a large law firm engaged in a years-long pattern of misconduct. Management reaction proved inconsistent and ineffectual. Finally, a legal secretary sued. The jury awarded her $ 50,000 in actual damages, a material sum given the nature of the tort, and also the substantial sum of millions in punitive damages. The judge cut back the punitives a bit, and tacked on attorney fees. The appellate court recited the whole sordid story, cut back the attorneys' fees a little, and affirmed. The case reads like absurdist soap opera.

I looked up what became of the attorney. His firm and he severed ties, as one might expect. The state bar website in his state shows he's now in-house at a corporation. The victim who sued had been a preschool teacher after she left the law firm, but I am not sure if she retired on her winnings or continued to work. The law firm still is huge and active today--hopefully a little older and wiser now.

As a lawyer, I've seen all sorts of civil cases from plaintiff side and defendant's side. I find each case is its own thing with its own facts. I do not have a soapbox about these kinds of cases. I've seen good ones and I've seen bad ones. But I wish, in 2014, I had any faith that a ridiculous case like is never going to happen again. But people need to evolve a bit more before that happens.

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