Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

music sorting

The subscription music service I use, MOG, got bought some time ago by Beats Music. Now the press projects that Apple agreed to buy Beats. I use a subscription music service to keep from building up a huge CD collection. I like getting music that way. I hope to decide soon whether the advantages of Beats Music outweigh my normal disfavor for the Apple way of doing things. Fortunately, with Spotify,Rdio and other choices, easy solutions offer themselves. Right now I use the music site the most. That site changed its entire delivery system from a streaming library to streaming third party sites nearly seamlessly. I consider that example to show ways for sites to re-make themselves without ruining their allure. I notice that my album-a-month subscription at emusic often goes unused. I plan to cancel it soon.

My favorite music remains netlabel stuff and small-label Bandcamp stuff. But I like to keep other options on tap. I see it less as a set of competing camps and more as different channels to explore.

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