Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

saving a bunny

This morning I lifted Beatrice's doggy door and she ran out. A few moments later, I heard the tone of bark she uses when she is trying to cause a creature to run. I looked outside,and, sure enough, she was chasing a small bunny. The bunny safely made it under a bush. I brought Beatrice inside. After throwing her ball a bit in consolation, I put her leash on her and took her for a morning walk.

The temperature was much cooler than yesterday--like a midwestern Spring day rather than a north Texas Spring day. We saw the mother duck and her six half-grown ducklings. A great egret found a place to fish, after being warned off its first stop by a park goose.


Beatrice enjoyed the walk,where lots of rabbits ran away well out of her leash-impaired reach. Perhaps another day she will,sadly,catch a rabbit. But for her, today, it's the thought that counts.

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