Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

grebe and gosling

I like Russell Creek Park in Plano. When I visited first thing this morning, one group of fellows found the basketball court ideal as the foundation of a somewhat curious cricket pitch. Another group serenely did tai chi under the cover of a picnic pavilion.

Two eastern kingbirds used a metal bit of work as a perch. A northern cardinal used a tree as speaker's corner. A pied-billed grebe used a pond as a swimming hole.

pied-billed grebe, may 11, 2014, russell creek park

I saw poison oak.


At Bethany Lakes Park I saw ducklings and goslings.

I walked Beatrice in Glendover Park while a northern mockingbird gave us a wary look.

northern mockingbird may 11 2014 glendover park

Lifting furniture yesterday proved good for weight loss when I weighed in at Weight Watchers. For a late lunch, I had Whichwhich make me a lettucewhich, in which lettuce leaves substitute capably for bread. Then I saw blanket flower at Limestone Quarry Park.


We watched "Call the Midwife" and enjoyed it, as well as "Harry Selfridge" on Masterpiece Classic.

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