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blue jay at russell creek park may 4 2014

Last night my wife and I stayed up very late to watch the Sidney Lumet film "The Cincinnati Kid" on television. We liked the movie. I thought that Edward G. Robinson gave a really strong performance. Steve McQueen's performance was very much in his iconic mode.

This morning I drove to nearby Russell Creek Park in Plano to get a walk in before church. I saw a blue jay singing, several eastern kingbirds hunting insects, and
a yellow-crowned night heron. I do not see night herons very often, because they live up to their name. It was great to get a photo and some video. I also walked a bit
on the Bluebonnet Trail. The wildflowers there were not as impressive as usual. The drought has suppressed our wildflowers. I did get to watch a northern mockingbird and a
cottontail rabbit.



I went to Living Life Church in McKinney. This church uses contemporary music in lieu of traditional Methodist hymns. I prefer the older hymns, but I still like this church that meets on folding chairs in an elementary school. One of the quartet of music folks on stage was in an advanced pregnancy. As she sang,she rested a hand on her
belly as if it were a resting perch she had used all her life.The communion wafer was King's Hawaiian bread. The minister at that church is a nice fellow who, like me, grew up in Arkansas.

I went to Weight Watchers in the afternoon. I was up 1.2 pounds, which made sense, as last week's 3 pounds down was a bit more than expected. At 4 I fell asleep,and did not wake until 6. I hurried to Japan House, where my wife, my brother, his wife, my nephew and my nephew's girlfriend all had dinner. I hated being late, but I was glad to get to have dinner with them.

Now we are watching "The Bletchley Circle" on PBS and relaxing.

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