Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

incomplete chronology, 4 27 2014

8:15 a.m., attended early service at First UMC
9:05 a.m., ran through the rain to my car after church
9:30 a.m., took a picture of a scissor-tailed flycatcher in Allen Station Park
12:00 p.m., went to Dragon Deli and retrieved a case of Weight Watchers materials left there by accident yesterday
12:30 p.m., hair cut and shampoo at Great Clips
2:00 p.m., attended Weight Watchers meeting, down 3 pounds
2:45 p.m. turkey plate at Boston Market
3:30 p.m. watched TV show on PBS called The Bird Guys, in an episode devoted to peregrine falcons
4:00 p.m. fell asleep
6:00 p.m. awoke and found an old episde of the Avengers was playing, with Linda Thorson playing Tara King
7:00 p.m. watched an excellent episode of "Call the Midwife" with my wife
7:30 p.m. ate chicken and squash, dipping the chicken in BBQ sauce from Matteo's
8:00 p.m. took Beatrice for a walk in Glendover Park. We saw five rabbits and one large hawk.

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