Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

water mitigation concluded for now.

The huge blue fans are gone! I waited all afternoon for the technician to arrive to see if they could go. He was expected between 11 and 3. He arrived at 4.30 p.m. He stayed until 6. He read all the gauges, and pronounced the job done. I helped him move the dozen or so drying fans to his large panel truck.

I did get the following small things done today:
1. attended Weight Watchers. I was down a pound. That brings me to 26.2 since I started again. I am only down 5 or so since December, but I am glad that I have had several weeks of progress since I broke out of a plateau. I was unhappy to hear that Weight Watchers home office is assessing whether to close meetings with less than 30 attendees. That seems short-sighted to me. I was pleased during the "fiber is good" talk today to learn that black-eyed peas, a personal favorite, is very high fiber.
2. Take Beatrice for a walk when the rain let up.
3. sort out shirts to go into storage. I have so many t-shirts that memorialize places I've been. I don't want to discard them but I want to pare back my active closet a bit.
4. I took a very short video of backyard birds in the rain at our feeder. I put some seeds in the tiny feeder. The seeds were a big hit.

It feels so good to have the house air-conditioned again, and to live without the infernal dark-satanic-mill drone of those fans. On the other hand, the fans had a kind od dark ambient oddity about them that I liked. Resistance is futile.

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