Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

3 bits of ledger paper

I stayed up last night locating some of my late father's paperwork. I found 2/3rds of what I sought last night. I found the other 1/3 early this morning. The specific thing I sought included my father's hand-written ledger notes about some matters. I was delighted to find them, as their location simplifies some tasks a good bit. I knew they were out there, and I am glad to have them in hand.

My father's record-keeping system impresses me, and makes me want to make similar records to document the status of this and that. Two of the three things I sought were more or less right in front of me. The third--and most important--proved elusive because it was in a box marked 2010 when the box should have said 2010-2013. But if I am no Sherlock Holmes, I am certainly able to be strong and steady in Horatio Alger thrifty hero fashion. I doggedly searched until the right thing was located.

I made copies this morning and sent them on to another destination. On the whole, I got a great deal accomplished. After a few weeks in which travel or illness or wearines impeded my efforts, last night and today I got things done. They were all those slow-going, necessary, look up and hours have passed paperwork things that sometimes just need doing. I need to do more tomorrow-to organize and pay and deposit and mail. But today I made concrete progress.

I also got some exercise in. I went to Towne Lake Park. The day was a bit cool and the breeze was heavy. We have another storm system moving in tonight. I watched some barn swallows fly low over the lake, but then decided to get trees around me to cut back on the ever-present wind. I elected to walk in the nearby Community Trail woods. As I crossed the little creek bridge, I saw a man paused, who was taking a picture. I saw he was photographing an eastern bluebird. His camera looked much more impressive than mine. I stopped to give him a good set of shots at this bluebird. Then I took some stills and a short video of the bird.

The wind died down once I was in the woods. I saw tufted titmouse, Carolina chickadees, a yellow-rumped warbler (a bit of a surprise, as he should be winging northward now), and northern cardinals. I got a good picture of a cardinal.

Then I drove to lunch at Dickey's BBQ. I had the turkey plate, mixing a little hot sauce and a little sweet sauce. My sides were green beans and a little coblet of corn. As I got my soft drink, a man and his wife fretted about the absence of soft serve ice cream cones. It was a reasonable lament.

Then I went back home. I processed some more deposits and bills, including one bill I had not realized was a bill but thought was a record of a deduction. I remedied that, and then drove the envelopes to the post office to mail in the little box outside in the drive.

I drove to Bethany Lakes Park in Allen to seek what ducks were in the ponds. I instead focused on swallows--a little treeful of northern rough-winged swallows of whom I took several videos, and a bushful of barn swallows, northern rough-winged swallowa nd a purple martin. I rarely see rough-winged swallows. Though some are year-round, many of them pass through to go to bug-filled northern climates. All were by the largest pond, where the bug-hunting, I believe, was exquisite, if one is a swallow.


I went back home and watched part of "Iron Man 2" on television. My wife and I went to Fishmongers cafe, where I had grilled tilapia, vegetables on a skewer,and a dry salad, plus water. We came home, and watched a fine episode of "Doc Martin". I felt good about today.

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