Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

home songless

Russell Park features tons of ballfields, where mostly men gather on Sundays to play cricket or soccer. I always go to a little pond on its edge, to walk on sidwalks and look at wildlife. Today I saw an American wigeon duck, no doubt on his way up to the Pacific Northwest. I thought about how I feel at home at this park, a short drive from my home. I also walked again at Limestone Quarry, where I saw 36 cedar waxwings.

I went to church at Suncreek UMC, where I found that my singing voice has not made its recovery from laryngitis. I cannot hit any high notes. I'll have to give it more time. The sermon by visiting pastor Dr. Joel Green struck home, as it was about how church too often shields itself from being "for" the people who need help the most.

My Weight Watchers meeting turned out well. I have now lost 23 pounds since I re-joined Weight Watchers at the end of June. I credit in part declining to have soft drinks with my weekend evening meals. This cut down on sodium, which in turn, I theorize, cut down on retained water.

I downloaded lots of free software from the Ubuntu software center onto my newly-minty Peppermint O/S laptop, putting back onto the system almost all the software I had on it when it was a Fedora laptop. Next I must load on my music software via WINE, which is a delicate operation, but delicate more like the game Operation than like surgery.

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