Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

with broccoli, with asparagus, with Peppermint

I got a good night's sleep last night. But today I felt tired all day. My wife went to see a friend all day. I took Saturday "off".

I did get my linux laptop fixed. The laptop operating system failed to upgrade two software packages correctly, pleading a failure of needed dependencies. After some weeks, I had not resolved the issue. I had backed the things I wanted to keep from the computer onto Google Drive.

I wanted to install Korora 20, but the programs I use to create live USB install media (unetbootin and liveusb-creator) had a hard time with the .iso for that distribution. I switched to Porteus, which booted up well. Porteus 3.0, though, has a new package manager that works far less well than the old one. After a try to install Audacity failed, I decided to go a different route.

I decided to install Peppermint OS, an Ubuntu-derivative which uses LXDE. I always have good luck with this one. This installed easily. I downloaded Firefox instead of the Chromium browser it came with, and I am back in business. I added Open Shot Video. I will add more packages--Audacity, inkscape, a fractal program, mscore, WINE, kturtle, Pinta and VLC. I like that all this fun software is free. I'll still run Fedora on my desktop, and my next laptop will be Fedora. I am glad to be up and running again with Peppermint.

My day went beyond computers. I took Beatrice for a walk. A little neighbor boy dressed ina baseball uniform, barely older than a toddler, sought to approach Bea to say "hi". Betrice is good with kids, but she froze up a bit. This, in turn,caused her to limp a little from her back/nerve thing. Fortunately, this subsided as soon as I adjusted her harness and rubbed her leg.

My brother stopped by around noon to drop something off. We went to lunch together at Tian An Mien grill, a little fast food wok place. We ate broccoli chicken and had a nice chat.

In the late afternoon, I went to Limestone Quarry Park. I saw a monarch butterfly, a sphinx moth, cedar waxwings,cardinals, grackles and a mockingbird.

We went to dinner at Rockfish Grill. I had grilled catfish and asparagus. It was great.
We drove home listening to Radio NZ. When we got to our alley at 8 p.m., a young coyote was walking down the alley a few houses from us. We rarely see them before late at night.

We came home and really enjoyed an episode of "Doc Martin". Now we are watching an old episode of "The Virginia" guest-starring Valora Noland.

Tomorrow I will relax again.

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