Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

like a dove only more raptor-y

This week featured a little stress. I was glad my wife and I could go to the little Thai Cafe in town, eat fairly healthy food, talk about the day, and relax.

It rained "big time" today. Dark clouds, driving rain rain. We needed it. After work, I stopped by Murphy City Park. I saw a group of doves on a small soccer field. Suddenly, a bird about their size flew towards them. They took off, with the bird flying with them. I wondered if this was a "watchdog dove", alerting the flock to an issue. Then I saw a female kestrel atop a tree, and realized the "watchdog dove" was the male kestrel, hunting a rather sizable meal.

My massive google drive upload is complete. On to the next part of this plan.
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