Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

moving forward by backing up

Thursday morning I rose early because I had an appointment with the dental hygienist. My dentist's office is over in Mesquite, a fairly long drive from my home (though fairly close to my office). My dentist is a fellow with whom I was in high school.

The traffic on a mildly rainy day was heavy. I was a few minutes late for my appointment.The hygienist was new to me. I listened to Radio New Zealand via little ear buds plugged in to my cell phone while she worked . When it is 8:30 a.m. Thursday in Dallas,it is 3:30 a.m. on Friday in New Zealand. The station played Chapter 5 of a radio play about an older Swedish woman named Astrid, and a younger Swedish woman whose name escapes me. In the episode,the younger Swedish woman told about her former lover in London, a New Zealander, while the older woman told a story about her grim day, some 60 years earlier. The dental hygienist inquired if I wished to know of ways to avoid gingivitis, but I assured her that I had this occult knowledge.

I drove to my office, while an interview on Radio New Zealand focused on proper care of infants. While I was at work, the nice fellow who directs chess tournaments phoned me and asked me to assist at a large scholastic tournament on April 12. I accepted, as I have not helped run a tournament in over a year.

At home in the evening, I took our dog Beatrice for a walk in the park.We watched "Scandal",a television program my wife enjoys and I find okay but can take or leave.We watched "The Americans", a television program we both enjoy.

I began backing up files from my laptop to Google Drive. I have never been very assiduous about backing up and preserving files. But my laptop has a couple of things going on that make me want to re-install an operating system. So I am trying to sort out what files matter. One thing that is going on is that the laptop is having a hard time mounting external drives. But Google Drive is working out fine as a way to back things up. I really should back up more often in general on all computers. So far, I've copied finished episodes of my podcast, copies of music I created and its raw elements, and am now copying fractal images I created. Once I get the back-up done,I'll do a fresh install.

I began vague plans for an outdoors outing on Memorial Day weekend. I received 2 dollars and 19 cents of credit in my Nook e-reader account as my share of a class action settlement. I saw a robin on my roof.

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