Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

false garlic

I went for a walk on the Creek Trail at Bob Woodruff Park after work. I saw lots of birds and lots of creek. I saw huge stands of false garlic, our early amaryllis family wildflower also known as crowpoison.

Then I went to Kroger, on a mission to pick up salmon for dinner. Kroger's fish market was unexpectedly out of operation. I then learned that:
a. the grocery store at Custer and McDermott is no longer a grocery store;
b. Super Target only sells frozen fish; and
c. Wal Mart only sells frozen fish.

I finally found salmon at Tom Thumb, where the fellow behind the counter was very helpful, once I realized he had not heard me the first time I ordered. I arrived home after 8 p.m., to find that my wife had cooked up some chicken, asparagus and quinoa.

I am thinking about installing Korora Xfce on my cheap linux laptop. I'll see this weekend. Laptops are so cheap right now it's tempting to buy another, but perhaps I'll hold off a while.
Putting a new version of linux on a laptop is easy, but it's a bit of a hassle to re-configure my favorite few windows programs using WINE.

Tomorrow rain is a possibility. I hope it rains. We need it.

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