Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

talking too long

Today things went great until I tried to speak on the phone for five minutes solid. My voice now sounds like a reedy woodwind in need of a new reed. After minute five, I burst into persistent coughing. Lesson learned.

I feel pretty good, but for the cough and the lack of voice. I will avoid speaking for a few more days, and someday I will be back in full voice. Tonight I walked at Bob Woodruff Park. I took lots of bluebird pictures, and a nice little bluebird video. Then I went to Oak Point Park, where I took mockingbird photos.

I saw my brother to get his signature on a boring paper, and go to say hi to his chihuahua mix, Arnold P. I am not sure if Arnold really has the middle initial P., but I have always called him Arnold P. He's a fine little dog, full of friendliness and fellow feeling.

I did some paperwork tonight, but only a part of the paperwork I will need to do on Sunday.
I listened to my remix on my work audio station, and found it acceptable.

Tomorrow will be an early bustle kind of day. Last night I had a hard time getting to sleep.
I hope to wake up before the crack of dawn. I saw two crows mobbing a hawk today. I thought about "what if?" and what next.

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