Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

silent running, dux, remix, redux

Today I felt well enough to go to work. I did fine, except for that part of the morning when I tried to use my voice. The resulting coughing convinced me to observe the Rule of Silence. I did not even sing "Riccola" in Gregorian chant when I took my odd little cough drop.

After work, I went to Bethany Lakes Park. Lots of people were there. They must have just restocked the little ponds with Winter trout, as lots of people were fishing. I did not see any catching fish, though, which may rebut my theory.

At the very back of the park, where few go, I saw a flock of cedar waxwings. Here's one:

cedar waxwing 3 18 2014 bethany lakes park

The ponds were full of ducks--in addition to mallards, I saw lesser scaup and northern shovelers. I posted a mockingbird picture to my Facebook because lately all the poignant things I see are mockingbirds.

Tonight I sat down to do a ccmixter remix. I had had some anxiety about getting this done by its due date of Saturday. I really got a great artist assigned to me to remix. But I have a very busy close of my week not to mention a loss of two days to illness. But tonight the piece practically remixed itself. Now it's all ready to be uploaded on Saturday. I like it, but most importantly, I think it will be okay.

My brother continually impresses me with his can-do attitude. My baby sister has recently become a kind of step-grandmother, which makes me feel pleased for her but a bit old myself.
Tomorrow night I pay bills and get my decks cleared a bit.

The news is full of Crimea and people who vanished.

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