Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

one time at a step

I thought work might prove doldrum-y, not for want of things to do, but for a bit of weariness I felt. But the day proved productive after all. I left my office last among our small staff,
though even then it was not late at all. At lunch I took mockingbird pictures at Sachse's Heritage Park.

On the way home, I listened to an episode of The Far Off Places podcast. It is located here. I had discovered it lately because it uses my Creative Commons music as intro/extro bumpers. I found I enjoyed it on its own merits, more than because of the gurdonark-glorification factor. I wrote the creators a nice e-mail, and listened to a few episodes tonight. I notice that they accept submissions from writers, which I mention to my LiveJournal friends who like to submit. I have not submitted in a few years, as I rarely write poetry right now.

I stopped on the way home at Bethany Lakes Park in Allen. These small lakes draw in lots of different ducks during the Winter season. I spent lots of time looking at gadwall ducks. I like the brown sleekness that makes gadwalls gadwalls:

gadwall duck, bethany lakes park, allen, texas

I drove home. My wife worked late at her office. I threw the stuffed funky monkey for our dog Beatrice. Then my wife came home, and we went for dinner to Silver Thai restaurant. I had the spicy bahmee soup. Tonight I watched part of the first hobbit movie. Then I went to my desktop computer to tackle the Python coding tutorial.

I was working on the module in which one learns how to obtain a word from the user, then cause python to translate it into pig latin. I found myself tied up on a step because I was trying to just literally do the instruction, and not think about how to code the program. I solved the problem at last, generating flawless pig latin. now says I have completed 27% of the tutorial, a mere 2% in completion since yesterday. But it felt like a lot more than 2%. I am eager to keep on learning. I am already thinking about the book I'll need (in e-book format) and how I need to create flash cards for the various vocabulary words in the computer language. I'll sort that out in the coming days.

I figured out that one of my long-time favorite artists, Bill Nelson, now has a account. I bought one of his albums. Bandcamp is great because it is more direct-to-artist. I like to see a fellow who deserves direct payment get his fair share.
An artist I know "personally" (via the internet), Simon Waldram, just released a free Creative Commons album through the Swedish 23 Seconds netlabel. I think that 23 Seconds does good work.
Here is Simon's album. Simon writes songs a bit less experimental than some of the more offbeat music I listen to these days. I like his direct approach.

I have a very busy Saturday set up tomorrow, beginning at 6.30 a.m. I am daydreaming about taking the train from Vancouver to Whistler this Summer.

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