Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

length of a string

I just finished a few steps in the self-directed introduction I am taking to the Python programming language at I had been stuck on one exercise in which I kept getting an error flag that I was trying to find the length of something not made for that instruction.

Then I looked up that I needed to be defining the length of a string, added the appropriate quotation marks to create a string from my variable, and I was off to the races. These problems are a bit like an English puzzle-mystery. One keeps reading and reading until suddenly the answer leaps out from the pages ethereally, unseen but suddenly known.

I am at 25% completion on this tutorial. I want to keep at it, day by day, until I finish it. I have worked on it 5 of the last 6 days. Things like this work the best if I do a little each day. I am already thinking about how to increase my knowledge base once I get through the primer.

I did get a chance to walk in Bob Woodruff Park. The pond had gulls, a great blue heron, and red-winged blackbirds. I listened to the show "Linux Unplugged" and walked in the chill breeze.
Tonight I watched "Nashville", "Modern Family" and "The Americans" on television.

I have been following the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines airplane with a steadily growing sense of dissatisfaction with the media coverage. I also read about the young man who was arrested several suburbs over for killing another young man during a robbery at a Red Wing Shoe store.

I felt badly that one young man killed another young man under even more senseless than usual circumstances. If indeed the arrested man is the perpetrator, it is a sad day indeed for all concerned. Meanwhile, two suburbs over from my office, two 16 year olds are accused of killing a schoolmate through a plan alleged to be pre-meditated if knuckle-headed. These things sadden me. It's a world of troubles and travails, and all one can do is to try to bring a little peace to it, however small one's ways may be. It's like a computer program in which the variables never quite run right, but you have to keep programming.

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