Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Hike and sleep

Sunday morning I walked at the Brockdale trailhead of Trinity Trail. I saw lots of sparrows and juncoes foraging on the ground. Then I walked near Highland Park. I was sad to see that folks systematically vandalized the painted park benches. I took pictures of cardinals among the scrub.

I got unstuck at I am hopeful that I can keep making progress at this introduction to the Python programming. The thing that got me stuck turned out to be simple failures to construct simple logical phrases.

I gained .2 pounds at Weight Watchers. This was basically good news after 3 weeks of gaining 1.2 pounds per week, but I had hoped to lose a bit. These plateau times happen.

I intended to ride my bicycle when I got home, but I took a long and needed nap instead. We watched television and ate home-made hamburgers.

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