Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

resurrecting a jay

Yesterday a confluence of conference calls caused me to cautiously curtail my lunch. I did get a chance to stop by the grilled sub sandwich place. "Your usual?", the nice woman owner asked.
"Yes.", I replied, meaning that I wanted the grilled teriyaki chicken, without those stock items "the cheese" and "the onions". The man owner grilled my sandwich. I had a magazine in hand but only made a dent in it when it was time to go back up to my office.

I worked until 6:30 p.m. and then headed home. We dined on excellent pork loin, pasta and asparagus and watched the television program "The Black List'. My wife had had a good day at work. I got unexpected mail.

This morning I updated my operating system. Fedora works very well for me as an operating system. Once in a while, though, the repositories [free software centers] provide an update for a software before all the things the software needs for the update [the dependencies] are in the particular repository. When this happens, for a day or three, the update program will tell one that a dependency is missing. It never amounts to much, as one can just keep using the software "as is". In a few days, the proper dependency is uploaded, and the update happens.

I had just this kind of experience on my desktop computer this week. Fedora kept offering an update for Libre Office. Then the update program [yum extender] pronounced one dependency missing. i checked the Fedora Q and A center and confirmed, as I suspected, that Fedora had not yet pumped the dependency into the permanent repository. Today, though, I saw the missing program had arrived. I updated with no hassle whatsoever.

I listen to one podcast in which someone describes anything going smoothly as "Bob's Your Uncle", a kind of alternative to "voila!". Speaking as a person who refers to myself regularly as either "Bob" or "Robert", and speaking as an uncle, the phrase, while pleasing, lacks a certain clarity of etymology for me. Wikipedia offers no convincing explanation for the phrase, but does point out a grand P.G. Wodehouse formulation: "Robert's your father's nearest male relative".

Nonetheless, I am glad that Fedora always manages to temper its "bleeding edge" with a little "let's get the dependencies uploaded", such that any minor updating issue usually requires the basic cure "take two deep breaths and check in after a morning or two". My desktop is now humming along. My little laptop has a slightly different update issue, with two unused bits of software missing a dependency. I see on Fedora Q and A that others are having the same issue, but not getting it sorted. But I am confident it will sort itself out.

I find myself quite happy as a Linux user overall. I have a free analog to almost every Windows program I used. There are a couple of very key exceptions,but all of those I have running via the WINE program that allows certain Windows programs to be run on a Windows system.

This morning I read an article about the cloud service Wuala. I signed up for the free 5 GB.
i wanted to upload my Gurdonark music collection for safety's sake. They play just as well
from the cloud as they did on my hard drive. I have uploaded my EP's "Seven Virtues", "Open Spaces", and "Tallgrass Canticle". The system is now uploading "Weights and Measures". The system is incredibly easy to use, taking 2 minutes to sign up for and just appearing as a separate hard drive on one's system. But the acid test will come if and when my hard drive breaks. We'll see how easy it is to access from a new computer. I use for routine storage and file transfer, but we'll see if Wuala is a good way to preserve treasured items.

I noticed this morning that I had not processed some blue jay pictures that I took on Friday at Troth Ablon Park in Garland. Here is one of them:

blue jay in a tree, 2 21 2014

I will probably go to the Audubon Society meeting tonight, depending on the dependencies at work.

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