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Bunny Run and BBQ

Last evening, I walked after work in Murphy City Park. It has a half-mile sidewalk path. I watched birds as I walked,and took a few photographs. A man in his 70s rode past me, coming from the opposite direction. His bicycle was a black Schwinn coaster bike,well-used, about as charming as a vintage bicycle can be. He wished me "good evening, sir" on his first pass,
and, a bit later, "the wind is getting chilly" on the second pass.

A father walked a chihuahua and watched his very young daughter and her two quite young friends drive a little pink electric toy car on the open tiny soccer field. A woman walked up with her little Scottie dog and asked me if I was taking photographs of the trees or the birds.
The yellow-rumped warbler I was trying to photograph then flew off. The woman expressed the concern that she had driven the bird away. "Not to worry," I assured her. There are always more birds. Another woman, about my age, came up to me to ask if the little lake at the back of the park was public. Her husband was a fly fisherman, and he might like to fish there.
I explained how the back of the park was public land called the Bunny Run. It is parkland, but someday it will merge with Murphy City Park into the Timbers Nature Park. I showed her a huge map on a wooden board that explained it all. I learned from the board that the Bunny Run was more extensive than I had understood.

Friday night I had some work matters to which to attend. I was pleased to see posts that indicate that a local woman,a Facebook distant acquaintance whom I know a bit through her folk-pop music, was doing better. Her erratic posts over the past several weeks indicated a deteriorating condition. She had finally been helped to get help by friends and family. Things were such a struggle for her. I was pleased to read that help had arrived. We all need a little help sometimes.

This morning I spent a few hours doing paperwork. I got a few necessary things done. I felt inefficient. Some things just take a while, even if they lack complexity.

I took my little dog Beatrice for a walk. Beatrice, a shelter pal, exceeds 14 years of age. She still enjoys a spirited walk. A vaguely small airedale-ish dog wished to engage her in play. She considered it, but thought,on balance, "no, thank you".

I did a run to a local mailbox. Then I drove to Breckinridge Park, near my work. I walked in the park. Lots of birds froliced, including tufted titmice, Carolina chickadees, downy and red-bellied woodpeckers,and lots of dark-eyed juncoes. I watched a Carolina chickadee groom itself.

carolina chickadee, breckinidge park richardson texas february 22 2014

I ate a late lunch,and then had a work-related meeting until the end of the afternoon. We dined at a great little neighborhood place in downtown Plano called Kelly's East Side. I had smoker-BBQ'd chicken with squash and zucchini and a dry baked potato.

We watched an episode of "Doc Martin". Now we are watching a BBC police procedural. Someone in the plot is in danger.

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