Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

from down to logged in

I know that folks who work the dawn shift at the cable internet help desk lead lives confronted with customers who live lives of noisy desperation. I kept my patience as the nice woman from Time Warner explained to me patiently all the reasons why the internet failure at 5 a.m. resulted from an equipment issue on my end rather than from a failure of Time Warner's service.

By 7 a.m., the cable company posted an advisory that its internet service occupied that wretched state known as "down". Kudos, I say, to the woman on the line whose knowledge and flawless tact proved exemplary, and kudos, I say, to the Universe for proving me right that the problem arose on their end and not on mine. Condescending expertise seems invincible, but, like any soft-spotted dragon, ends up being slain by the truth. The internet runs fine, now, and I learned a fair bit about where the LXDE interface places IP address data.

I dropped my car off to get an oil change at 10:40 a.m. Rather than wait around, I donned a helmet and took my bicycle to the Bluebonnet Trail in Plano. I rode for nearly two hours,
moving eventually onto the Chisholm Trail. The Chisholm Trail runs on a sidewalk trail along Spring Creek. I stopped to take pictures of creatures I passed, such as this house finch:

small photo house finch along the chisholm trail, 2 15 2014

and this lovely nutria:

Swimming nutria in Spring Creek, Plano, Texas 2 15 2014.

I liked the pipe with the row of ring=billed gulls and cormorants standing by as if they attended the Summer Olympics diving competition. The day proved very pleasant, and the ride exemplary. I left my 7-speed bicycle in 4th gear for the entire ride. This coaster approach worked well for me.

In the mid-afternoon I took Beatrice for a walk. She loves the half-hour march through the little pond-park in our neighborhood. We saw a tree full of common grackles and a mockingbird.

Tonight we met our friends Donna and Scott at the movie house for a showing of "Monuments Men".
I liked the film's 70s war movie feel. I must read some of the books about this era.

We ate dinner at Houlihan's. This chain originated in Kansas City, my wife's home town, so going there is like a return to childhood for her. We spoke with our friends of movies, television, and local politics. We share similar politics, so that it was less a debate that a comparison of notes.
I spoke with my brother via telephone. He embarked this weekend on a project that will assist he, our sister and I immensely. Tonight I watched women's curling, my favorite Winter Olympics sport, and then watched an episode of the UK original version of "Life on Mars". I just logged my bird sightings on eBird, as this is the great backyard bird count weekend.

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