Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

absence of drizzle, creation of drivel

I like the Classwar Karaoke compilation series. This release series releases largely experimental tracks once each quarter on the Free Music Archive. I've had tracks on a dozen of those releases, ranging from one of my popular songs, "Sadness" to my bit of less-listened-to oddity, "The War is Over". I like the Free Music Archive because it is free, it is easy to use, and folks obtain my songs there and use them in videos and other uses.

This was my first effort to write a song at my new desktop computer. I took an ocarina sample, ran it through the synthesizer Sawcutter 2.0, sequenced out a song, and then exported the .wav file. I had to export it to my internal hard drive, as it did not easily save to my external hard drive. I will have to look at that mounting later. Then I did some light editing in Audacity, and voila! My song, entitled "Ten Kisses Goodbye", was complete. The desktop computer, including my WINE installations of what would otherwise be Windows programs, was excellent for the job. The extra firepower in the new computer really helped. I am optimistic that my music output will increase.

I called the song "Ten Kisses Goodbye" in memory of a particular foggy night in my 20s in the Ozark mountain town where I attended university. But I like the less particular metaphors inherent in the title. I find there is rarely just one kiss goodbye, whether one means a pet a passion, or a paternal grandparent.

It used to be when I recorded that I aimed for more offbeat territory, rather than the tinkertoy melodic plink that mar[k]s most of my current work. But over time, I find that I like compact little melodies played with one or two instruments at a time.

The instructions asked that I put an mp3 and accompanying .txt explanation in a .zip or .rar file. My favorite archiving tool, xarchiver, prefers to create the old-fashioned but useful .arj format. The .arj format (which, Wikipedia advises, is an acronym for "Archived by Robert Jung") is useful and a good format, but it is not .zip or .rar. I searched the Fedora repositories for a free or suitably non-free alternative. Then I realized that xarchiver will create zip files if one sets it to do so. So many things in life are a matter of the right settings and, in my own case, overcoming my profound ignorance.

I e-mailed off the .mp3, and one of the fellows who curates Classwar Karaoke sent me back a nice note about the track and its connection with the text. I got to sleep after midnight, but it was worth it to spend a few hours creating.

I was less impressed with myself this morning. I awoke suitably early, but completely forgot about my 7:30 a.m. teeth cleaning appointment. I had to call, apologize, and re-schedule.

The weather forecast today called for freezing drizzle, but the drizzle did not freeze. At lunch I went with a client to the new burger place in our area. I eschewed the burgers and had instead a couple of slices of cheese pizza and a house salad. It was all very good.

Tomorrow we expect more frozen weather, but the weather folks hint this is the end of our Winter ahead. My wife and I laughed--we know better. April always brings a last Arctic blast.

Tonight my wife had a board meeting for a small charity she assists. I watched a great Doc Martin episode on DVR and threw a stuffed schnauzer for my dog.

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