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mallards and theories of self

mallards swimming 320

Lately I've been working with my computer set-up. I installed Virtual Box on the new computer, so that I could run virtual machines. It worked great at first, but now Fedora's Linux kernel is more advanced than the current driver for Virtual Box. I will have to wait until Virtual Box catches up. It's no problem, because the alternative gnome-boxes works just as well. I have been loading up Tiny Core Linux and Lubuntu, but I want to play with Solydxk (a Debian derivative) and Mageia. Eventually I may set up a Windows XP "permanent" VM.

Last night I made some great progress on the software front I installed the Windows programs Pivot Stickfigure Animator and Tunafish via the WINE program for installing Windows apps. I had thought Tunafish, a music sequencer, was a lost cause, but now it is fully installed. This is important because it is a key music-making sequencer for me. I already downloaded two VST synthesizers to run on it, and its sampling will be useful. Pivot stickfigure is my idea of how to make animated films. I also downloaded a new version of Libre Office that will handle California pleading paper (which is numbered 1-28 on the left margin). My need for Microsoft products is diminishing.

This morning a fellow who runs a Linux website asked me to answer a Q. and A. about why I run Linux. I will look forward to see if he prints it. It was fun to explain myself. This self-explanation comes naturally to me.

I went to church at First UMC of Allen today. I went to the alternative The Way service. This service is to my taste. Today a high school ensemble of two guitars, a pianist, a recorder player and a cellist played traditional hymns in folk arrangements. I enjoyed singing these hymns. I saw the nice woman I know there. She and her husband, both retired, used to raise
a variety of Scots small cattle. She said they had to sell them, though, after two solid years of drought. I liked the sermon, about the parable of the sower and the seeds.

After church I stopped by Bethany Lakes Park, where I watched mallards, northern shovelers, a double-crested cormorant, yellow-rumped warblers and a mockingbird. The weather was chilly but not bitter.

My afternoon Weight Watchers visit disclosed a loss of five pounds. I am down now 22 pounds since June 30. My pattern is "lose some, gain a little, gain a little, lose some more", so fluctuation is normal. But I hope to have lost 10 pounds on a permanent basis (measured from January 1) by December 31.

I ate at whichwhich and stopped by Staples Office Supply store. A cold front moved in. Tomorrow we may have a "wintry mix". I feel mixed enough already, so I have mixed feelings on this.

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