Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

pond full of geese

Today the weather forecast proved a bit inaccurate. The forecast predicted a high in the high 50s. The actual high was in the high 40s, and an Arctic chill filled the breezy air. I drove to Towne Lake Park to take a walk, and found myself pleased that I had bundled up.

Towne Lake is in the neighboring town of McKinney, just off the Central Expressway, and has a 1 1/4 mile sidewalk path around the lake. The number of people on the lake was not great in the coldish weather. The crowd of ducks, coots, and geese on the water was very great. There were enough Canada geese to populate Oak Hammock Marsh in Manitoba.

My walk began with a bird's eye view of an eastern phoebe. Later, I saw a little bird form flitting to the ground near the water's edge. I looked down, and saw it was a tufted titmouse foraging. I got a picture or two, and then an eastern bluebird had taken its place, a rich blue against the Winter-dulled environs. Later in my walk I saw American goldfinches and Carolina chickadees.

In the afternoon, my wife and I drove to north Dallas to the huge Galleria mall. Our goal was to walk, look at a few stores, and get lots of exercise. This mall has lots of space and lots of stores. We used the space expansively and visited the stores sparingly.

I was intrigued how many stores featured very strappy high-heeled shoes with very thin, very high heels. This was a commonplace at nearly every womens' clothing store. My wife suggested that this fashion trend has its origins in Lady Gaga, but I have no idea. I am from a different era, and my first thought as I type is that it would be difficult to pogo in those heels.

On the way home, we stopped at the Tiger Direct store. I see their ads in the newspaper and on the internet, and often their sales prices are very good. But the store itself largely had modest mark-downs, and did not impress. I liked that it stocked lots of components and interesting things,but either Micro Center (whose service is great) or Fry's (whose selection is superb and whose prices on specified items can be extremely low) seemed like better choices. I think that Tiger Direct is a "watch for the sales" resource.

I spent the late afternoon getting a haircut. The woman who cut my hair was very nice. She used the number 5 shears, which left my hair a little less clear-cut than usual. She did a good job.

I worked on getting some bills paid on family business.Then we went to dinner. We ate a very hot lemongrass soup at Pho is for Lovers not far from our home for dinner. The social networks are filled with the letter written by Dylan Farrow alleging child sexual abuse by Woody Allen.

Tomorrow I have a lot going on, but I hope to watch the Puppy Bowl.

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