Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

from warm to cold

Monday afternoon, prior to my flight, I got a chance to walk in warm weather near noon and see things like this:

American kestrel, fairview park, costa mesa, california 1 27 2014

yellow-rumped warbler, fairview park, costa mesa ca 1 27 2014

Monday night I landed back in Texas, to meet the major cold front directly, and to embrace it with outstretched arms.

Today I had an out-of-the office meeting in uptown Dallas. I headed to my car, trenchcoat over suit. The day was properly cold, but not as windy as it could have been.

I stopped by Micro Center on my way home for work. I did not buy anything major, but picked one of this and one of that on sale, spending a total of 11 dollars. I like the way it is dense with gadgets and parts.

We dined on London broil tonight. I watched part of the State of the Union address, but then got bored and turned on my computer.

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