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Thursday at noon (a very cold noon, I add) I headed to my car and drove to DFW Airport. I flew to LAX, had an unduly long wait in line at Avis rent-a-car, and then struggled down the 105 Freeway to Orange County. I remember when the 105 Freeway was brand new, and rarely used. The 105 Freeway is heavily used now.

I had a 10th story hotel room. This morning it was fun to watch house finches and kingbirds atop the palm trees. I could not get a good picture of them, though--it was a bit far.

I finished my business around 2:30 p.m today. My flight was at 5:30 p.m. I stopped by Fairview Park in Costa Mesa, which is a wonderful place for seeing birds. I watched this kingbird:

cassin's kingbird january 24 2014 fairview park costa mesa

Here in Texas I would call this a "western kingbird", but in California, as here in Texas, they are not Winter birds, so I suspect instead that this is "Cassin's kingbird". I am not sure. I am sure it was fun to see all the birds--kestrels, a northern harrier, a huge-looking white-crowned sparrow, and some curious ducks. I also met a nice young woman and her dog Kona, who was one of those husky-like brown breeds. Kona was a curious but shy puppy--very cute. The young woman was taking pictures of a phoebe (I think eastern, but it may be black--it looked more like chocolate brown) when I walked up. I think she liked when I explained how it got its name Phoebe. Kona the dog seemed like a good dog.

I flew home tonight on an uncrowded plane. I listened to music by Entertainment for the Braindead, Cagey House, and Josh Woodward. On the drive from the airport, I listened to a podcast about hardware. When I arrived home, my wife and Beatrice bid me welcome. It's good to be home.

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