Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

22 years old

Tonight we headed over to Hibachi Rock in Allen to celebrate my nephew's 22nd birthday. My brother, his wife, my nephew's girlfriend, his girlfriend's father, and my wife were in attendance. I had a combo of shrimp, scallops and chicken, along with broccoli and zucchini. The fellow running the hibachi grill had just the right amount of showmanship. When I was in Japan for business, years ago, I got to go to an Osaka teppanyaki place. It was quite good, with more courses but smaller portions per course than the Texas version. I learned tonight that teppanyaki only dates back to 1945, so that it, like sushi, is a fairly recent innovation. I was so delighted that we could share in my nephew's special day. I got him a gift card for Google Play, and, because he is re-entering the work force soon, a gift card for a department store chain so that he can acquire more business attire.

My nephew's girlfriend explained how her gift to my nephew is to be the Mexican salamander, the axolotl. I like my nephew's girlfriend, and think my nephew might enjoy a novel pet. I was pleased to read that though the salamander is endangered in the wild, there are ample breeding stocks in captivity. I used to hate the way that aquarium stockers decimated Pacific ocean fish to try to fill aquariums. One of my theories is that the aquarium trade should be barred from wild capture of stock, but required to breed stock from existing specimens in all but exceptional cases. I like it that things folks sometimes think of as very old and traditional are actually fairly new, like mariachi and, for much of the world, eating potatoes and tomatoes. So much of what we think of as "European" food has a strong basis in New World plants. The flaw is not in the world, but in our understanding and paradigms.

We enjoyed talking to my nephew's girlfriend's dad, an articulate fellow with good stories. He works in risk management, which appeals to me, because I think that going around trying to prevent accidents is worthy work.

I sat down to watch the movie "Oblivion" tonight, but I really liked the first part, and wanted to tackle it later when I am sure I have the undivided attention to finish it. Meanwhile, tomorrow I must tackle some thank-you notes.

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